My real name is Jerry Lehr. I go by dybbuk81 on various forums like doomworld. I am a musician, doomer, and computer geek. By day I am a postal worker doing fun shit like this. I am mostly known as the guy doing the main large part of the Project Warlock OST, with high school friend Luke Wilson helping with the main theme, hell theme, and doing the hub music. There is a full section of this website devoted to the to-be trilogy if you would like more info on the game or soundtrack. There are also links to various platforms and reviews.

I also have hundreds of other tracks on the music and merch portion of this website. My instrumental stuff ranges with mood and weird genre. I have "guitar-led stuff" (known as the noise vaults releases) and "mostly-synth stuff" (known as the absynthium collective). Serious vocals are at the moment only available on what was meant to be (and was highly appreciated) a thoughtful gift for my wife. I am planning my non-live one man future act "Organized Chaos" where I play and record all of the parts myself. My site also has game-related goods.